R & D

We have a team of experienced technicians and professional engineers who have been working in this field for many years; the longest working experience is 25 years, they mainly study magnetics in the high university, and gain the master and doctor degree. There are 12 person in our R&D department.



We dive some capital into advanced equipments every year, and also pay more attention to personnel’s training to make our customers satisfy us.

In our R&D center, our technicians use modern software and equipment to assist with design parameters and selection of the optimum material. Any of the design will be welcome; we will try our best to cooperate with you.



Since 1998, we have been devoted to improving the anti-corrosion properties of NdFeB, magnetic performance under different temperatures, and the use of NdFeB in ultra-high temperature conditions. Our low-weight loss NdFeB magnets have been tested under three atmospheric pressures, 130℃ and 100% humidity for 168 hours, resulting in a weight loss of less than 2mg/cm2. Most mainland enterprises can only achieve 50mg/cm2. Because of its very low weight loss, its decay-resistance is high enough to be used in elevators, radars and wind turbines.


We adopt the method of strip casting and hydric breaking to reduce the production cost and improving, and further assist our customer save purchasing cost.




R&D is very important, and we will continue to enlarge our scale to try our best to serve our customers, and we look forward to cooperating with you on some new project.




PCT tester, Hast tester, Salt spray chamber, Laser particle analyser, Projector, Oxygen content tester, Spectrum Analyzer, Demagnetization Curve tester, X-ray Thickness Gauge and so on.


About the equipments, please kindly check the pictures, if you would like to know other detailed information, please contact us by email info@magengine.com.

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