Quality Control
              Spectrum analyzer                                  Granularity analyzation meter                  Oxygen content tester
         Magnetic property tester                         Three-coordinate measuring machine              Gauss meter       
                 Flux meter                                                X-ray thickness tester                                      Hast tester
                  SST tester
We attach great importance to the quality of the products; from the evaluation before production to final delivery,
our production process is subject to ISO9001:2008 strictly, and all of our products are accordant to Rohs standard.
There are 45 people on our QC department.
We have effective quality control system from raw materials to final products.


We have an in-house QC center to handle quality control, and pay more importance to control the raw material, the production process, and also the inspecting.


Refer to the raw material, we choose the reliable suppliers, have long-term cooperation with them. In order to inspect whether the raw material could meet our application, we produce some samples according to the component report before mass production. At the same time, we will analyze the component of the raw material with the spectrum analyzing equipment.


In the course of production, we have clear instructions during every step, and our technician control the whole production line. Our quality control system ensures manageable production processes, and the products are only sent to the next production step if they meet the respective specifications. The quality control system for our products comprises all areas which contribute to achieving the quality goals.


To further control our quality, we mainly inspect the properties, sizes, surface, and other special request from our customers, our inspection standard is subject to AQL0.65 for all of our products.


About detailed information on quality control, we would like to take NdFeB magnets for example, please kindly check the PDF catalogue.
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