Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron is a composite magnet. It is produced by molding compression of the compound NdFeB alloy powder with epoxy resin, also it can be made by injection or extrusion from NdFeB alloy powder mixed with plastic. The magnetic property of bonded NdFeB magnet is between that of sintered NdFeB and Ferrite, and with good consistency and stability. The magnet shape and dimension are decided by the tooling, like ring, segment, block,etc, without further sintering and mechanical machining processes. After electrodeposited or through other special treatments, it can be used under normal or unfavorable environment conditions for a long time. 
Our company can manufacture magnets in different magnetic properties with dimension ranging from D2.0-D200mm. Mass production and specialized equipment system have guaranteed high efficiency and low cost. Samples with self-made mold can be delivered in 12 days and the strong production capacity can guarantee the shortest delivery period in the industry.


1 The max 160. The Curie Temperature is up to 350.
2 The Coefficient of Br %/: -0.11
3 Diverse Magnetization: Multi-pole magnetization and screw angle magnetization are available, and the field distribution could be square, sinusoid and so on.
4 Rotor Assemblies: Through injection, bonding or other methods, the magnet is formed as rotor assembly in connection with shaft, iron core and hub, ect.

Application Fields: 



Spindle Motor

Stepping motor

DC motor


Starting motor



Brushless Motor

Servo Motor



Detailed information:
The properties: Please kindly check the detailed property catalogue on the top of the page. 

The dimension and tolerance: We could control the tolerance within ±0.05mm. If our customers have special request on the dimension and tolerance, we will try our best to meet their requirement. 

The Surface treatment: Spray painting,electrodeposition,black,Epoxy,grey,Epoxy and so on. 

The magnetization: There are detailed description and sketch in the index ”services”, please kindly check it. 
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