Cast AINiCo permanent magnet is a kind of alloy magnets made from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and other trace element, for example, titanium, silicon. Cast AlNiCo Magnet represents the most versatile magnet material available. The range of properties can be accurately designed for specific applications by changes to element Analysis and heat treatment.



Good resistance to demagnetization: The max temperature is up to 550, this merits make them apply in many fields. The Curie Temperature is up to 860.

Widely range of complex shapes and sizes at an economical cost.

High magnetic flux density.

Lower temperature coefficient: Temperature Coefficient of Br (%/°C) -0.025 ~ -0.02

Temperature Coefficient of iHc (%/°C) +0.01 ~ +0.03



Motors, Sensors, separator, loudspeaker and holding system Automobile parts, instruments and meters, audio apparatus, educational equipment, aerospace equipment, Communication Equipment

Detector, aviation, medical instruments, rotating machinery, and so on.




The properties: We could produce the AlNiCo magnets with many grades, it includes: Isotropic AlNiCo2, AlNiCo5, AlNiCo8, AlNiCo9, and so on. About AlNiCo9, we achieved mass production for many years, and now the properties are stable.


Please kindly check the catalogue for detailed parameters.


The size and tolerance: It could be easily processed into various shapes and sizes through the mold, such as U shape, horseshoe, block, disk, ring, arc, and other special sizes.


We could control the best tolerance within +/-0.05mm for routine magnets. If our customers have special request on the sizes and tolerance, we will try our best to meet their requirement.


The surface treatment: magnets are colored red or blue, or other colors according to our customer’s requirement. And most of AlNiCo doesn’t need surface treatment, because of the good corrosion resistance.


The magnetization: Axially magnetized, radial multi-pole magnetized, diametrical magnetized, axially multi-pole magnetized, diametrical multi-pole magnetized, multi-pole magnetized on one side.


There are detailed description and sketch in the index”services”, please kindly check it.


AlNiCo has a low coercive force, and is easily demagnetized. Please handle them with care.

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