Sintered SmCo permanent magnet is a kind of alloy magnets mainly made from Samarium, Cobalt, iron, and other trace element. SmCo is produced in two compositions: SmCo5 and Sm2Co17. Sm2Co17 with higher Hci values, ofer greater inherent stability than the 1:5 types. SmCo magnets are very brittle, and great care must be taken in machining them.



Good resistance to demagnetization: The max temperature is up to 350, this merits make them apply many fields. The Curie Temperature is up to 800.

Good corrosion resistance, it doesn’t need surface treatment.

Lower temperature coefficient: Temperature Coefficient of Br (%/°C) -0.035

Temperature Coefficient of iHc (%/°C) -0.2


Application Fields:


Speaker, VCM, electric watch, gauge, motor (stepping, coreless, servo), sensors, printer, toy, textile machine, coupling and son on.


Detailed information:


The properties: 

We could produce the SmCo magnets with many grades, from MG16 of SmCO5 to MG30M of Sm2Co17.


Please kindly check our properties chart for the detailed information.


The size and tolerance: 

It could be easily processed into various shapes and sizes, such as block, disk, ring, arc, sphere, and other special sizes. We could control the tolerance within +/-0.05mm. If our customers have special request on the sizes and tolerance, we will try our best to meet their requirement.


The coating: 

The SmCo magnets have good corrosion resistance, and no need for surface treatment. If our customers need, we will coat them with Ni, Zn, Epoxy, and so on.


The magnetization: 

Axially magnetized, diametrical magnetized, axially multi-pole magnetized, diametrical multi-pole magnetized, multi-pole magnetized on one side. There are detailed description and sketch in the index”sevices”, please kindly check it.

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