Scientists have discovered through experimentation and observation that magnetic field effect is good for the health. The so-called magnetic field effect is the biological effects after the magnetic field affects the human body. The following are the advantages.
A.    Promote cell metabolism and activate cells. Thus it can accelerate the excretion of waste and hazardous substances in the cells.
B.    Balance the endocrine system.
C.    Promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation status.
D.    Promote the inflammation subsided, eliminate swelling and pain of inflammation.
E.    Regulate the blood pressure bilaterally; in particular, it can reduce high blood pressure.
F.    Improve the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells and reduce blood viscosity.
G.    Enhance and improve immune function, improve the body resistance to disease.
H.    Have anti-aging effects and remove the free radicals accumulating in the body.
I.     Improve the blood lipid metabolism and the magnetic field effect is effective in lowering the cholesterol.
J.    Eliminate fatigue and promote physical recovery. And it also has a calming effect and eliminates insomnia and nervous tension.
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