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Beijing is a cultural ancient capital city with a history of 3,000 years. Many magnificent ancient buildings have experienced the numerous ups and downs and glory of this country. They still stand proudly and highlight the vicissitudes of the city. It is this profound cultural heritage that strengthens the value of the Magengine people. The values of "Integrity-based, customer first".

Located in Beijing, the capital of the political and cultural center, Magengine Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and flourishing company. Since its establishment in October 2005, the company has been boldly innovated through the continuous efforts of all of the company, and has owned many varieties including: neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt, ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt and magnetic tools.  By analyzing the customers needs, configuring the best raw materials and strict product production process control, so as to ensure that the quality of the products can meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of the customers, all of the company believes in providing customers with "unexpected Products and services." At the same time, through close cooperation with a number of scientific research institutions, the company provides continuous and strong technical support for further research and development of new products. Excellent magnetic product quality and professional service have won us wide recognition, trust and praise from domestic and foreign customers. In 2017, a branch office was established in Frankfurt, Germany. In February 2019, a branch office was established in Chiba, Japan. The establishment of these branches enabled us to understand the changes in market demand more quickly and make a positive response to further enhance Product and service quality, more professional service customers.

Today, magnetic materials have been widely used in the power, electronics and information technology industries, and are the basic materials for the development of high-tech and high-end equipment. In the future, the human lifestyle will further break through the thinking and move towards infinite possibilities, and magnetic materials will also be given wider application.

All of this is both an opportunity and a challenge for us. Magengine people will continue to "solve the problems in the magnetic field for customers and help customers succeed" as its mission, adhere to the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction, integrity management, unity and cooperation, mutual benefit and continuous innovation", and steadily put each item Work well and put the craftsman spirit into products and services. At the same time, we have the courage to assume the social responsibility as a corporate citizen, strengthen communication with shareholders, employees, suppliers, governments and other related parties, promote the concept of green energy conservation and environmental protection, and achieve sustainable development of corporate green. Strive to achieve the vision of “becoming a leader in the field of magnetic materials”.