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Sintered NdFeB
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Sintered NdFeB is the third generation of strongest magnet in the world and widely used in different areas. From it is born in 1980, it is composedfrom Nd2Fe14B  Abbreviated name is NdFeB,It is the most cost-effective magnet on the market. The magnetically strong NdFeB allows for a lighter and smaller magnetic circuit design.

Please avoid the following condition in the storage and usage of sintered NdFeB, otherwise it will affect the magnetic properties and materials;

1. Corrosive gases (Cl2, NH3, SO2, NO2)

2. High conductivity environment (such as electrolytes, etc.)

3. Acid, alkalescent, organic solvents, etc

4. Hydrogen environment

5. High temperature and humidity condition

In normal condition, when sintered NdFeB magnets is heated, the magnetic properties will decrease with the increasing temperature, and it will completely lose their magnetism when the increasing temperature is above the Curie temperature. When designing and using them, different grades of sintered NdFeB magnets should be chosen based on specific temperature characteristics.

Sintered NdFeB magnet has comparatively low toughness, poor impact resistance, and it is prone to facture, therefore direct impact should be avoided during use.