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Sintered AlNiCo
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The sintered AlNiCo product is made by a powder metallurgy process and can be sintered into a small shape. It has excellent anti-demagnetization performance and a maximum operating temperature of up to 550 ° C. This advantage makes it suitable for many applications. The Curie temperature can reach 860 ° C. Low temperature coefficient: The temperature coefficient of remanence (Br) is: -0.016 ~ -0.02 / °C. We can produce a variety of shapes and sizes of more complex products.

Application:Measuring instruments, polarization relays, motors, sensors, temperature and pressure control instruments, magnetic voltmeters, mini speakers, controllers, accelerators, etc.

Property:The magnetic properties of sintered AlNiCo are slightly lower than those of cast AlNiCo. We can produce AlNiCo magnets of various properties, including isotropic AlNiCo2, anisotropic AlNiCo5, AlNiCo8, AlNiCo8HC and so on. Therefore, the performance of our products is now very stable. 

Size and tolerance:With conventional magnets, we can control the tolerance to within +/- 0.05mm. If our customers have special requirements for size and tolerance, we will try our best to meet the requirements of our customers.

Coating:Most AlNiCo products do not require surface treatment because of their good corrosion resistance.

Magnetization:axially magnetized, magnetized through thickness, horse-shoe magnetization,multipole magnetization etc.