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Sintered Ferrite
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Sintered Ferrite is divided into two types: Sr Ferrite and Ba Ferrite. This magnet has both good anti-demagnetization and low cost advantages.

Sintered Ferrite is a ceramic product, the ferrite magnet is prone to missing corners. Therefore, care must be taken during the assembly process.

When the temperature is lowered, the coercive force decreases at a rate of 0.5%/°C. Many problems can occur due to low temperature demagnetization. The magnet operating point is higher than the inflection point on the demagnetization curve.

With an annual output of 55,000 tons of loud speaker, 4 million tons of magnetic segments, 10,000 tons of square, microwave oven magnet 22,000 tons, dry pressing 1000 tons, bonded magnetic 200 tons, motor casing, stator 50 million sets of production capacity .