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Please read the following statement before handling magnets to avoid any injury:

1. SmCo and NdFeB magnets are sintered powder magnets, which are easy to crack into many sharp-edges pieces on impact. Especially, for SmCo magnets, it is very brittle. Chipping or cracking may occur if pieces are knocked against each other or hard surfaces. Special care should be taken to prevent damage to the magnets.
2. If this magnet is to be machined, i.e. cut or partitioned, deterioration of magnetic properties and/or defective magnetization, please consult the manufacturer before attempting to machine this magnet.
3. Do not peel or cut the coating on the surface of NdFeB magnets. If the coating is removed or damaged, rusting will occur.

4. Do not use or store this magnet under the following conditions, or you may cause corrosion of the magnet and/or damage to its characteristics and strength.

(1)   In an acidic, alkaline or organic solvent;

(2)   In water or oil;

(3)   In an electrically conductive liquid ( such as electrolyte-containing water);

(4)   In a hydrogen-containing environment;

(5)   In an environment containing corrosive gasses (Cl, NH3, NOx, etc.);

(6)   In radioactive rays.


5. This magnet, when magnetized, generates very strong forces attracting other magnets and other iron-containing material. In transporting, handling and assembling the magnets, care shall be exercised to prevent fingers or other parts of the body from being caught or pinched between two items attracted by this strong magnetic force.


6. Do not allow the magnet to come close to magnetic tapes, fixed or floppy disks, electronic watches, bankcards or other prepaid cards or tickets with magnetic strip, since it can destroy or alter the magnetic data, or magnetize the item, rendering it useless.


7. Persons who are allergic to materials may experience irritation or reddening of the skin if they touch the magnets. If this happens, such people should avoid touching with magnets.


8. Do not allow the magnets to come near any person having an electronic medical device, such as pacemaker, since the magnet may cause a malfunction, endangering the person’s life.


9. Uncoated NdFeB magnets should be stored so as to minimize the risk of corrosion.


10. In general, it is preferable to store magnetized materials under vacuum sealed film so that the magnets do not collect ferromagnetic dust particles over time, since cleaning this accumulated dust is time consuming.


11. The AlNiCo magnets are easy to be demagnetized, don’t move them continually. If you need to move them, please notice that you can separate them from one side to another side through the direction of magnetization. Under such condition, the magnets are not easy to be demagnetized. Besides, the impacts are also easy to make the AlNiCo magnets demagnetized. When they are stored, the AlNiCo magnets should be maintained on a “keeper” which provides a closed loop protecting the magnet from the adverse fields. Bringing together like poles in repulsion would lead to irreversible, though remagnetizable, loses.


12. To separate very big magnets safely:

Please prepare one wooden chair before handling the magnets, and also please kindly notice that it must have no iron around the chair.  


Please make one magnet on the chair, and another is hanged at the edge of the chair. Please make sure that the magnet will not get any iron or hard objection when it falls down.


You can call on another person to help you. You can hold the magnet on the chair, and your partner press the another magnet down slowly. Meanwhile your partner must take the magnet far away from other magnets or iron objects to avoid any injury.


Please kindly notice the above points and take care when you handle the magnets.