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Rubber magnetic is made by bonding ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber by extrusion and calendering.

It is easy to be processed into strips, rolls, sheets and other complicated shapes. It can be processed into various shapes by punching, cutting, drilling, etc. It has stable performance, good flexibility, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Anti-aging, and so on.

The rubber magnet can be magnetized in the thickness direction, and the single-sided multi-pole is magnetized with a pole pitch of between 1.5 and 7 mm.

Rubber magnetic is a magnet that is combined with magnetic powder and rubber and plastic materials through a special process. It is superior to sintered magnets in terms of moldability, dimensional accuracy, consistency, flexibility, etc., and can produce isotropic and anisotropic products. It can be made into sheets and coils of various specifications. It can be made into magnetic strips of various cross-sections according to the needs of users. It can also produce various surface treatments (film coating, painting).