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Injection molding is processed by bonding magnetic powder and plastic through an injection molding process. Its main advantage is that it can be machined into very complex shapes and can meet stringent tolerance requirements. It can also be directly molded into plastic or metal parts and molded at one time. Mechanical properties have also improved significantly.


Application:DC motors, flow meters, copiers, sensors, and more.


Property:The maximum magnetic energy product we can produce is at 0.6-2MGOe.


Size and tolerance:Injection molding magnetics must generally be produced according to the customers drawings. We will draw the drawings that can be produced to the customer for confirmation according to the customers drawings. Once confirmed by the customer, we will arrange the production according to the drawings we have confirmed to the customer.


Magnetization:Multi-pole magnetization, magnetization in the radial direction, magnetization in the thickness direction, etc.