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Bonded NdFeB is a synthetic magnet. It is made of NdFeB magnetic powder, epoxy resin and plastic by pressing or injection molding. The technology of bonding NdFeB expands the field of application of high performance magnets. In addition, due to the adaptability of its formulation, it greatly reduces its cost and in some respects replaces the application of iron oxide magnets. Based on our experience in design and application, we can bring revolutionary changes to your application in the motor industry.

Advantage:The maximum operating temperature is 160 °C. The Curie temperature is as high as 350 °C. The temperature coefficient of remanence is -0.11% / °C.

Due to the diversity of orientation and magnetization of bonded NdFeB, it is especially suitable for brushless motors, servo motors, permanent magnet stepper motors and induction motors. Multi-pole magnetization is necessary in these applications.

Application:CD-ROM read-only memory, DVD spindle motor, stepper motor, DC motor, brushless motor, starter motor, servo motor, buzzer, stereo, etc.

Property:We can produce bonded NdFeB magnets of various properties, from BNP6 to BNP12.

Size and tolerance:Bonded NdFeB can be processed into complex shapes, such as rings, tiles and other special dimensions, through high-precision testing. Because of these advantages, they can be applied in many fields. We can control the tolerance to ±0.05mm. If our customers have special requirements for size and tolerance, we will meet their requirements as much as possible.

Coating:Electrodeposition, nickel plating, black epoxy and grey epoxy.

Magnetization:Axial magnetization, radial multi-pole magnetization, radial magnetization, axial multi-pole magnetization, radial multi-pole magnetization, single-sided multi-pole magnetization, oblique magnetization, etc.