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Permalloy refers to Ni-Fe alloy. The nickel content is adjustable in the range of 30-90%. It is a high-performance metal soft magnetic alloy which is widely used. Its main technical characteristics are as follows:

⋆High magnetic permeability, low loss, small magnetostrictive coefficient, etc., the inductors and other components produced by Permalloy have strong anti-saturation ability, large inductance, good stability, small size, energy saving and high efficiency.

⋆There are many grades of Permalloy, which can be divided into four categories according to the composition, 35%-40% NiFe alloy, 45-50% NiFe alloy, 50-65% NiFe alloy and 70-81% NiFe alloy. For each type, users can use the process parameters to adjust the hysteresis loop state of the raw material, and the user can choose flexibly according to their needs.

⋆Commonly used Permalloy grades are 1J50, 1J79, 1J85, etc. The saturation magnetic induction intensity of 1J50 is slightly lower than that of silicon steel, but the magnetic permeability is dozens of times higher, and the iron loss is also 2-3 times lower. It is suitable for making high-frequency (400-8000Hz) transformers. 1J79 has good comprehensive performance and is suitable for applications such as high frequency and low voltage. The initial permeability of 1J85 can reach more than 100,000, which is suitable for applications such as weak signal low frequency or high frequency.

⋆The processability is good, the surface quality of the processed components is good, and the welding performance is excellent. However, because the magnetic properties of Permalloy, especially the magnetic permeability, are sensitive to mechanical stress, the products after annealing are not suitable for collision, bending and other operations. Excessive installation stress should be avoided during application.

⋆ The main feature of low temperature Permalloy 1JL0 is that it has high magnetic properties especially the magnetic permeability at cryogenic

temperatures such as below 2-77 K. The initial magnetic permeability is kept above 20,000. After special preparation and cyclic annealing, the initial magnetic permeability can reach up to more than 50,000, and is especially suitable for large-scale precision magnetic shielding components such as synchrotron radiation and free electron laser superconducting cavities used in cryogenic temperatures. The magnetic permeability of general 1J79, 1J85 will be greatly reduced in such a low temperature environment.

⋆Contains more nickel elements, and has good corrosion resistance in general environment, especially high-nickel Permalloy, most products do not need special anti-rust treatment such as coating.

Permalloy is widely used in electronic communications, precision measurement, rectifiers, magnetic shielding components, relays, transformers, transformers, electromagnetic clutches and other fields